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The OutRAGEous Mommy

Aug 15, 2022

Hello spicy mommy!

After a summer break, I'm back to being your cheerleader. I have two episodes for you to celebrate a new season of The OutRAGEous Mommy podcast. 

Today's episode is a topic close to my heart. One of the most complex parts of being a mom has been dealing with weight gain. I let a number on the scale define my worth for a long time.  

Weighing myself every day totally messed with my head until I decided to stop letting my weight rule my life. 

When I learned about intuitive eating I found a nurturing way of nourishing my body and letting go of weighing myself every day. 

You'll learn: 

- The 10 principles of intuitive eating 

- Alternatives to weighing yourself

- Why your weight isn't a reflection of your health

And more!

Spicy mommy join me and start your journey to make peace with food. 




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