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The OutRAGEous Mommy

Jun 30, 2022

Hello Spicy Mommy! Welcome to Episode 20 of The OutRAGEous Mommy Podcast.

I am so excited about this topic. Do you think of your period as a gift or a curse? 

We don’t often have open conversations about our periods. It’s not taboo but it’s not dinner table talk!

My guest Megan Rempel is a registered nurse with a women’s hormonal health certificate. She’s also a health coach and cycle sinking expert. 

Megan calls periods magical and once you learn to be in sink with your natural cycle life can be much smoother. 

We cover: 

  • How to track your cycle
  • What to eat at different stages of your cycle 
  • How the four stages of our cycle are aligned with the four seasons. 

And more! Take a break and check out the full episode.

Until next time, remember you are an outRAGEously awesome mom. Take care Spicy Mommy!

Megan’s links: